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Our digital marketing agency is now known as Search Schematic, and we have successfully moved our domain to without losing our website’s SEO value to reflect our new name. The reason behind our rebranding stemmed from an unexpected circumstance. Another business, which we were previously unaware of, claimed that our name was confusingly similar to their trademark, despite our names not being identical. After consideration, acknowledging their seniority in the trademark usage, we opted to rebrand.

The claim by the other company came as shocking news to us. However, we chose to view this not as a setback but as an opportunity. We saw it as a chance to leverage the experience we have gained over the years by consistently providing excellent digital marketing services to our clients, using it to forge a new identity that genuinely embodies the nature of our work.


Search Schematic logo

Reason Behind Our Name Search Schematic

While one might think the name Search Schematic mainly draws from SEO services – our core offering, this is far from the entire truth. The concept behind Search Schematic encompasses the fact that every internet journey begins with a search, be it on search engines like Google or on social media platforms. Businesses that manage to attract the right searchers and provide value to them are the ones that win in the realm of digital marketing. At Search Schematic, our digital marketing team possesses the ability to decipher the schematics of the internet as a marketplace and develop those winning strategies for our clients. Hence, we have aptly chosen the name, Search Schematic.

Digital marketing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. To succeed, digital marketers need to be constantly learning, planning, strategizing, and finding creative ways to add value for their clients. That’s precisely what our digital marketing team does: learn, plan, strategize, create, and execute. The speed with which we rebranded and successfully migrated our website to a new domain without losing SEO is a testament to our adaptability and our commitment to embrace change for success, no matter how challenging the situation.

Regardless of the project at hand, be it web design & development, SEO, PPC (Pay per click), or social media marketing, our goal is to create value for our clients and help their businesses grow. In our next blog post, we will share in detail how we migrated our domain to our new one without losing any SEO value.

Contact us today if you are considering rebranding and domain migration and are unsure where to begin. We can help!