Case Study on Gyros Hut: A Restaurant’s Social Media Success

Project: Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management.

Date: March 2022 To May 2022

Location: Cardiff, Whales, United Kingdom

In this case study, we’ll explore how a custom digital marketing strategy successfully boosted both foot traffic and online orders for Gyros Hut, a fresh entrant in the restaurant industry.

Project Brief:

Gyros Hut is a new business in a competitive market, and they needed to establish their presence in the local market and attract customers to their restaurant. They hired us, their digital marketing agency, to help them increase foot traffic to their new branch and boost online orders. Our challenge was to identify the most effective digital marketing channels that would help them achieve their goals. With a limited budget, we needed to find ways to optimize their spending and maximize their return on investment. We also needed to differentiate Gyros Hut from established competitors and create campaigns that would drive customers to the restaurant both in-person and online. Finally, we needed to manage and respond to online reviews to build trust with potential customers and improve Gyros Hut’s online reputation.

Our Strategy

To help Gyros Hut achieve its business goals, we took a tailored and data-driven approach that focused on the following key strategies:

  • Strategic research: We conducted extensive research to deeply understand Gyros Hut’s target audience, competition, and local market trends. By leveraging this information, we identified the most promising digital marketing channels to focus on.
  • Digital campaign development: We developed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that focused on the most effective channels for Gyros Hut, including building a great interactive website that showcased the restaurant’s menu, location, and ambiance. The website was optimized for local search, and we also utilized social media marketing, paid advertising, and email marketing campaigns to drive more foot traffic to their location and boost online orders.
  • Reputation management: We monitored and responded to online reviews on various platforms, including Yelp and Google My Business. By managing their online reputation, we helped build trust with potential customers and increase the likelihood of repeat business.
  • Analytics and optimization: Throughout the campaign, we constantly monitored the performance of the various channels we utilized. We made data-driven decisions to optimize our efforts and maximize the return on investment for Gyros Hut.

By conducting extensive research, developing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, managing their online reputation, and constantly monitoring and optimizing our efforts, we were able to create a robust marketing plan that maximized our resources and increased Gyros Hut’s visibility in the local market. These strategies were designed to deliver the most effective results for Gyros Hut’s business, and we worked tirelessly to implement them in a way that aligned with their goals and vision.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Info-graphic
Screenshot of the successful Facebook post for gyros hut showcasing 100s of likes and comments.

Boosting Restaurant Success via Social Media Marketing

Through compelling organic posts and targeted paid campaigns on social media, we effectively amplified Gyros Hut’s presence within the local community. Our strategies not only showcased the enticing offerings of Gyros Hut but also promoted the excitement surrounding their opening. The success of this approach was evident in the increased foot traffic to their restaurant and a surge in their online orders.


The digital marketing strategies we implemented for Gyros Hut proved to be highly successful in achieving their business goals. By optimizing their spending and maximizing their return on investment, we were able to increase foot traffic to their restaurant and boost online orders. Our tailored and data-driven approach allowed us to create a robust marketing plan that increased Gyros Hut’s visibility in the local market and helped them stand out from established competitors. Specifically, our social media marketing campaign generated significant buzz around the restaurant, increasing brand awareness and driving significant foot traffic. Overall, our strategies delivered the most effective results for Gyros Hut’s business, and we were proud to help them achieve their goals and establish a strong local presence.