Aarco Contracting: Enhancing SEO Performance for Greater Market Reach – A Case Study in General Contracting

Project: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & PPC

Date: June 2016 To Present

Location: New York, United States

Aarco Contracting, a distinguished New York-based General Contracting firm, specializes in Masonry, Facade Restoration, Waterproofing, Roofing, and Concrete. In this case study, we outline how we enhanced their digital visibility and amplified lead generation through a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Aarco Contracting desktop and mobile website mockup

 Project Overview:

Aarco Contracting reached out to us in 2016 after Google blacklisted and removed their website due to malware issues. This issue affected their lead generation as they primarily relied on Google Adwords for new business. They tasked us with not only fixing their website but also diversifying their marketing strategies.

Aarco Contracting ranks at the top for over 38 keywords on Google search and tops the Google Local 3-Pack.

Our Approach

When Aarco Contracting first approached us, their website was plagued by corrupted files and blacklisted due to malware, a consequence of previous poor care. Faced with this challenge, we chose to rebuild rather than repair, recognizing that band-aid solutions could create further complications down the line. Our solution was a complete redesign; a more robust, dynamic, and user-friendly website. Not only did we strive to enhance user experience, but we also ensured that SEO best practices were embedded from the get-go, preparing the website for a malware-free, high-ranking future.

SEO Implementation

The Challenge:

Aarco Contracting's website had been blacklisted by Search Engines due to malware. Upon launching the rebuilt, malware-free site, we quickly communicated this change to Google via the Search Console. Our aim was to restore and boost the website's Google ranking. The subsequent SEO strategy encompassed:

  • Submitting the sitemap to Google
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Enhancing page loading speed
  • Creating clear & engaging content
  • Implementing a high-quality link-building strategy
  • Utilizing analytics to track & study user behavior
  • Performing technical SEO
  • Emphasizing on content marketing and local SEO

This multifaceted approach not only revived Aarco Contracting's online presence but also significantly improved its ranking, contributing to its business growth.

Screenshot of Google 3 Map Pack results our client ranking 1st

Snapshot from January 2023: Aarco Contracting securing a top spot in Google's Local 3-Pack for the highly competitive keyword 'Masonry Contractors NYC.'


Our tailored SEO approach delivered outstanding results for Aarco Contracting. Before our involvement, they averaged two leads per week, primarily through paid advertising. Now, without any ad expenditure, they average two leads daily—a remarkable increase of 1,300%.

We take great pride in Aarco Contracting's SEO success. Our strategies have catapulted them to the top of Google's rankings for 38 competitive keywords in New York. They've also clinched a position in the coveted Google Local 3-pack for numerous high-competition keywords. We're thrilled with these achievements and look forward to further supporting Aarco Contracting's business growth through effective and strategic SEO.

Leads Increased By 1300%
Graph showing the significant improvement in Aarco Contracting's Google rankings from February 2022 to January 2023.

Aarco Contracting's Google Rankings Progress: From February 2022 to January 2023.